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You can get customised solutions for your fleet in most European countries. The special fleet models and fleet packages offer you major savings without having to compromise on equipment or performance. Here the focus is on economic efficiency, safety, comfort and agility.

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Mercedes-Benz continues consistent implementation of 2020 growth strategy
With its Mercedes-Benz 2020 growth strategy, the Mercedes-Benz Cars division intends to occupy the number one position in the premium segment not only in terms of brand, products and profitability, but also in terms of unit sales. Zetsche left no doubt that all efforts are being made to achieve these four goals, with the support of a large number of activities.

With regards to the brand, Daimler is further strengthening its core brand values of fascination, perfection and responsibility to broaden the customer base and address younger customers. This will be facilitated by the five new models of the new-generation compact car, and also by highly emotive vehicles such as the CLS Shooting Brake.

When it comes to products, the vehicle portfolio is being rejuvenated and a third product offensive has been started with 10 new derivatives, for which no predecessor models exist, to be launched by the year 2015. For example, the luxury segment will be enlarged by expanding the S-Class range from three to six models with highly profitable derivatives.

The planned activities also include further reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. "We are convinced that 'cool' and ‘green’ can peacefully coexist in our garages", said Zetsche. Mercedes-Benz Cars will be able to reduce the average CO2 emissions of its cars sold in the European Union from today’s 150 grams per kilometre to 125 g/km by the year 2016. The new A-Class will start with emissions of 98 g/km.