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CO2 overviewHere you will find the CO2 overview for selected models.

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Proven sustainability and eco-compatibility

On World Environment Day in 2009, the new E-Class received this coveted award. Like the A-, B-, C-, E-, S- and GLK-Class, the CLS and SLK received the TÜV Süd Environmental Certificate this year. Taking account of the entire lifecycle of the CLS – including production, 250,000 km driving and recycling – the new model produces 30% fewer CO2 emissions than its predecessor as at launch in 2004. The new SLK produces 20% fewer CO2 emissions than its predecessor as at launch in 2010. And a primary energy saving of 18% is possible over the entire lifecycle, thanks mainly to much lower fuel consumption.

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The process of integrating environmental aspects into product development is governed by ISO 14062.

In 2005, the S-Class was the world's first car to receive the TÜV Environmental Certificate, certifying compliance with ISO 14062.

In 2007, the Environmental Certificate was also awarded for eco-oriented development of the new C-Class, and in 2008 for development of the facelifted A- and B-Class.

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This lifecycle assessment forms the basis for the Environmental Certificate under the terms of the stringent, international standard ISO 14062 "Design For Environment". Mercedes-Benz is the world's only car brand to have received this certificate.

However, the integrated approach needed to obtain the Environmental Certificate also pays dividends with regard to TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for fleet customers, for example thanks to low running costs or the high residual values for which Mercedes-Benz vehicles are renowned. The Environmental Certificate also underlines Mercedes-Benz's commitment to securing the optimum TCO for its customers.