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Mercedes-Benz International Corporate Sales – Becoming a customer
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Becoming an international fleet customer
Customised solutions for your fleet

Becoming a customer        
Mercedes-Benz International Corporate Sales – Becoming a customer   As a fleet customer, you can benefit from the advantages of the International Framework Agreement, including guaranteed discounts. Depending on your purchase volume, there are some very attractive deals available on Mercedes-Benz passenger cars.
International Key Account Manager
  Mercedes-Benz International Corporate Sales – Becoming a customer You can count on us every step of the way, from implementation at your national subsidiaries to model selection at your local retail outlet.

Does your company operate fleets in at least two countries, or perhaps even across several continents? Then you should contact International Corporate Sales at Mercedes-Benz Cars right away. We would welcome the opportunity to help you devise the best possible, customised solution for your international fleet.

You will only have to deal with a single contact person for all your needs. The International Key Account Manager is your direct link to us. He or she plans, manages and monitors the progress and implementation of your framework agreement in close collaboration with the relevant Mercedes-Benz national representatives. In this way, we can process your international vehicle procurement transactions quickly and efficiently. Our extensive sales and service network ensures the best possible care for your Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicle fleet around the globe.