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Vic Vooys
Managing Director of Diemermere, a Randstad company
Facility Management

What does your company do?
Diemermere is the service arm of the Randstad Group. We manage the vehicle fleet as well as running a congress centre and providing additional services for Randstad Headquarters. Our credo is 'Helping you do your job'.

How many cars are there in your fleet?
We now have almost 5000 cars in the Netherlands. We focus on smaller models, including both petrol and diesel-engined versions.

How many kilometres a year do your vehicles do?
Each vehicle does an average of about 32,500 km.

What do you particularly like about the Mercedes models?
What definitely sets the Mercedes vehicles apart is their residual value. It's also a privilege to drive a Mercedes. They're the right vehicles to have on the road!

What makes your company stick with the Mercedes-Benz brand?
We are very happy with the high standards of quality and excellent value for money.

What role do your Mercedes models play in terms of staff motivation?
We have a selection of quality brands; the models from the German car makers tend to be very well liked. The new C-Class models also have a definite aura of prestige about them.

If you were allowed to pick one – which of the Mercedes would you go for?
The C-Class Estate would be a great choice for me. Not just because of its design, you’ve also got the roadholding, the complete equipment package and the space. Added to which, the car is also favourably priced and environmentally friendly. As soon as the BlueTEC version comes out, Mercedes will have another top-class model in its line-up.