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Mercedes-Benz Flottenmodelle A-Klasse, B-Klasse, C-Klasse, E-Klasse, R-Klasse
Newsletter 12/2007

- Eco friendly models
- True favourite
- Seven personal questions for
   Ralph Ruckgaber
- Fleet customers
- "Green" objectives
- "fleet.mbc"
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Newsletter 10/2007

- IAA Report: C-Class Estate
- "Road to Future"
- Seven personal questions for
  Norbert Wiedmann
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Newsletter 08/2007

- New at the IAA
- B-Class is the company car of the year
- Mercedes-Benz is the worldwide leader in product quality
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Newsletter 05/2007

- Ecology and economy, with style
- Mercedes-Benz is residual value champion: your money's safe
- Buderus chooses 480 A Class models
for eco-prizes
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